• 会议日期:2018-12-22
  • 会议地点:北京
  • 投稿截止日期:2018-11-03 [已截止]
  • 报名截止日期:2018-11-03 [已截止]


Call for Papers


The Fifth International Conference on The Chinese Economy: Past, Present and Future

Beijing, December 22, 2018

  Institute of Economics, School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University will host the fourth international conference on the Chinese Economy: Past, Present and Future, on December 22 (Saturday) of 2018 at Beijing, P.R. China.  The theme of the conference is on all aspects of Chinese economy including but not limited to:
  • Growth and Development
  • Financial sector including banking, stock and futures markets
  • Trade, international investment
  • Environment, nature resources and Climate
  • Urbanization, migrations, transports
  • Reform of the State-owned enterprises
  In cooperation with International Review of Economics and Finance (SSCI, impact factor 1.261), selected papers from the conference will be included in a special issue. Please submit your papers to: don.lien@utsa.edu and iid@tsinghua.edu.cn before November 3 (Saturday), 2018 for full considerations.  Tsinghua University will provide two days accommodation including December 21 and 22, 2018 to non-local paper presenters. This year we will also invite senior researchers as discussants for selected papers and self-recommendation is also welcome. All submissions will be selected by a review committee for paper presentation on the conference. The review committee also recommends papers for inclusion in the special issue.


邮箱: dubinbin83@163.com